Knitting Chart

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I can’t find a help section
You can show info about the tools by tapping the ‘More Options’ button (three dots) and selecting ‘Show Help’. There’s no elaborate help file in the app right now.

Is there an Android version? Or is it coming?

I would like a desktop version
Me too 🙃 maybe in the future

Will the app teach me how to draw knitting charts?

Can I convert my drawn charts to a written out version?

I want to import a Knitting Chart File but it’s greyed out
If this happens use the ‘Files’ app on your device to select a file for import

Drawing Charts

Can I add columns or rows in the middle of my chart?
Use the chart ‘Settings’ button to add rows & columns at any position.

How can I move the chart when I’m zoomed in?
Use two fingers to move the chart around when zoomed in.

Where can I find the extra tools?
Select a marker, box or line with the arrow tool

I’m missing a symbol I want to use in my chart, how do I add it?
Please send a request to, and I’m happy to add it to the default collection.

Can I add my own symbols?

Can I create my own colors?

I can’t find the cable & crochet symbols
Scroll all the way to right of the ‘Draw’ tool and tap the ‘+’ button

I want to change the colors I used in my chart
Select the ‘Draw’ tool and tap and hold on a used color to swap it

I want to only show the symbols I use in my tools so I don’t have to scroll & search all the time
Tap the ‘More Options’ button (three dots), select ‘Legend’

I can’t find the extra tools to edit a marker, section box or line
First select the object with the ‘Arrow’ tool

How do I move or delete a marker or section box?
Use the ‘Arrow' tool to select

I want to include markers in my print document
Go to ‘Settings’ on the main screen and activate ‘Include Markers’

How do I save my work?
You’re changes are save automatically

Something went wrong and now my chart is messed up
Check the autosaves through the ‘Project Settings’ and select an earlier version to restore

I want to draw a round crochet pattern
It’s not possible to freely place and rotate stitches


How do I print a larger version of my chart?
Tap the ‘More Options’ button (three dots) and select ‘Save as Image’. Print the saved file from the Photos app on your device.

PDF / Ravelry Files

Is it possible to move the row highlighter to the next row with a button?
No you have to move it by dragging it yourself

Where are all tools when working with a PDF?
PDF files use a different set of tools. All tools are only available when you work on a chart you created yourself in Knitting Chart.

Working Mode

How do I change the highlight color of the current row?
Use the ‘Settings’ button on the main screen to select another color

Multiple Devices

How do I share my projects between devices?
The easiest way is to use AirDrop. Tap the 'Settings' button of a project and select 'Save or Share'. If AirDrop is not available you can save the file to iCloud/Dropbox and use the import button on the main screen of your other device.

Does Knitting Chart automatically sync my projects between devices?

Do I have to buy the Full Version for every device I own?
No, if it doesn’t upgrade automatically go to the ‘Settings’ on the main screen and choose ‘Restore’

Full Version

What do I get if I upgrade to the Full Version?
Create as many charts as you like. Create printable documents. Crop stitches. Flip stitches. Easily reuse your designs by adding them to the designs library. Change grid lines color. Export high resolution images. Share your projects between devices or with other users. Draw highlights & text notes on top of PDF files. Cable & crochet symbols.

Is the Full Version a subscription?
No you only pay once for all your mobile devices

I bought the Full Version but it’s still saying I’m using the Free Version
If you’re sure you completed your purchase, go to ‘Settings’ on the main screen and tap ‘Restore’

The Full Version is not activated on my other device
Go to ‘Settings’ on the main screen and tap ‘Restore’

Does the Pro Version reveal new tools and features?
No, everything is available to see / review in the free version